Arjun Gufa

Arjun Gufa

Situated on the bank of the Beas River, Arjun Gufa is an interesting place to visit. Roughly 4 km away from the hill station of Manali, this beautiful natural attraction lies near Prini village. As per a popular belief, this cave is the place where Arjuna, the third eldest among the Pandava brothers, meditated for strength. Pleased by Arjuna’s devotion, Lord Indra gave him the most powerful weapon – Pashupati Astra. Tourists are required to undertake a half-day excursion through dense forests, fascinating mountains and gorgeous waterfalls to reach this site. Arjun Gufa has become a major tourist attraction in the region, owing to its splendid beauty and the legend associated with it.

Location: 4 km away from Manali

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